End The Trump Cult 

If even just 5% of evangelical Christians who voted for Trump in 2016 don’t vote for him this year, he can’t win.

We must invest time into reaching those voters.

Because a deal with Trump is a deal with the devil.

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The Heart of it All - Part 1: The Minions

September 15, 2020 -- written by William Michaels

If you ever want to understand someone better, you need to look deep within them. You need to look at their heart and see what consistently comes from it. You need to find what it is based in and what makes it tick.

If you ever want to understand an organization or group better, you need to do the same and look deep within it. You need to look at the heart of the operation and you need to pay attention to what drives it. 

For the Trump bandwagon, its member's hearts are plain to see within the tangled web of shouting, lies, contradictions, and insecurities.

The Heart of a MAGA Supporter

If you talk to a MAGA supporter, chances are they will give you all kinds of facts (I use that term lightly), figures, and reasons why we cannot live in a country run by the "dems".  All while neglecting the fact that we had a booming economy under Obama and were a mostly peaceful nation from '08-'16.  They will tell you that there is a "deep state" swamp that needs to be drained of pedophiles.  All while their alleged-rapist President makes the swamp murkier and dirtier with his cabinet that he puts in place.   They will tell you to stop listening to the fear-mongering mainstream media.  All while shoveling Fox News, fear mongering rhetoric against democrats down their throats. They will tell you how gullible you are for listening to anything that the New York Post, Washington Post, CNN, MSNC, etc. have to say.  All while listening to ONLY a President who says that anything against him is "fake news". 

The Heart of MAGA is one of relative reality, selective memory and selective facts.  If something supports their views, there is no way it could be wrong.  If something goes against their views, there is no way it could be right.  If you call them out on it, they shut down and close dialogue because, "they don't want to fight about politics."  If you say anything that goes against President Trump, they are scarily quick to come to his defense, despite their desire to not fight about politics. Their biggest fear is a lack of control, so they do whatever they can do to grasp for more. 

They control the narrative.

They control the dialogue.

They control the language.

I wonder where they learned that from...

Check back for part 2.

Gaslighting: Under Trump's Trance

September 11, 2020 written by Michael Andrews

July 2018, during a speech given to veterans at a Missouri convention, Donald Trump exposed what had, by that time, already become painfully clear to those of us not living in Trump's maniacal LaLa Land.  

That July day, Donald J Trump exposed the fact that he has a perverted desire and need to have total control over his minions through the power of psychological manipulation: “Just remember—what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening.” 

This calculated and deviant tactic of getting people to question their direct experience is a type of psychological manipulation psychologists have defined as “gaslighting.” 

A gaslighter targets an individual or group and methodically gets them to doubt their own memory, perception, and reality. It doesn't happen overnight.  It is a calculated and painstaking process. 

Gaslighting is a tactic commonly used by sociopaths and narcissists.  

Through persistent lying, misdirection, distraction, deflection, and contradiction, the gaslighter eventually delegitimizes the victim’s beliefs by confusing and destabilizing them - turning their victims into their puppets.  Yep.  Crazy.

The term “gaslighting" derives from a 1938 stage play called Gas Light - a story about an abusive husband that tries to convince his wife she is crazy by changing small elements of their environment and insisting she is having delusions (or is just plain crazy) when she notices them. While this husband's plot was cruel, it is hardly as villainous and collectively destructive as a president attempting to do the same to a whole country.  

Trump's gaslighting is clearly working and he knows it.

His followers discount doctors, scientists, generals, journalists, and pretty much all reality, while eating up their idol's words as gospel truth. 

Trump feeds his stooges a daily heaping dose of BS (for lack of a better term) and, as the old saying goes, you are what you eat.  

Trump, and only Trump, controls the narrative in their minds, hearts, and souls (welcome to The Cult of Trump).  

Donald claims whatever you are reading or seeing is "fake news" (even if it has been proven 100-percent true),  or, in regards to a video, "someone doctored the video" (even if it is an uninterrupted, full video), or "the 'fake media' is twisting my words" (even if a full transcript - word for word - has been released). 

As I stated a moment ago, the president’s gaslighting is working. So what can one do to vaccinate against this formidable psychological tactic? 

The key: one must become aware of gaslighting in order to recognize the manipulation. Until you know it exists, you are vulnerable to its venom.  Once you know it exists, it becomes easier to hold on to your reality. Remember, the gaslighter's objective is to make you feel unconfident in what you hold to be true.  Once you know you're being gas-lit, the gaslighter fails in their objective and you won't have to join all of the less astute who end up in the loony bin.  

Recognizing you're being gas-lit is easier said than done...especially when the gaslighter is a seasoned gaslighting veteran like Trump.

Trump has his minions so deep in his trance that he has led his supporters to be suspicious of what scientists, doctors, generals, meteorologists and any and all experts have to say. 

The president knows that it’s his word against the “fake news media” (Hitler used the fake news media tactic back in the day - and we all know how that story ended).

If his followers did start to become conscious of gaslighting as a political tactic, he’d likely just ramp up his gaslighting a notch by telling them that it is the journalists, the think tanks, and doctors who are really gaslighting them.

While this ramping-it-up-a-notch scheme I just suggested might sound crazy to some. It might make you think, 'Nobody is that gullible!'

The fact of the matter is that the type of confusion created by claiming "everyone else is gaslighting you.", sows seeds of doubt that can set humans down the path of questioning their entire reality and lead them one step closer to needing a padded room.

Gaslighting on a national level is terrifying, but, those of us who are cognizant to it must stay calm, collected, and confident in our reality and direct experiences.

When someone is making statements like, “What you are seeing, hearing and reading is not what’s happening,” recognize you are being gas-lit and run away from the evil as fast as you can.

At all cost, avoid getting kidnapped by Satan's trance. 

What is the Trump Cult?

September 10, 2020 written by Michael Andrews

Trump's rallies are his church and Trump is the gospel.  His followers are his disciples and his message is hate, intolerance, and division.  

Yes.  It is a cult.  Period.

Donald Trump has used gaslighting, along with the manipulation of God and The Bible, to fool and brainwash Christians in order to form his cult.

Trump's Christianity (an oxymoron of epic proportions) is even an oxymoronic religion from its roots.  Trump's Christian membership is comprised of “non-conformists” who conform to Trumpism like sheep in a herd.  He tells them what to think, how to feel, what to believe, and he tells them who their enemies really are.

The Trump cult loves Trump because he makes them feel like insiders even as they imagine him as their outsider champion -- another oxymoron in a trash heap of oxymorons.   I know what you are all thinking at this very moment: 'Can he insert oxymoron just one more time in today's blog post?'  I will try my hardest to refrain.

He relies on his cult members to grow the cult in the name of God, Patriotism and America. Those three entities (which we can call Trump's unholy trinity - a topic to tackle in a future blog post) have all taken on dangerously new connotations under the cult leader. 

Trump, through the use of gaslighting, controls his loyal subjects.  He constantly convinces his cult that they haven't seen what they've seen or heard what they've heard. He is a master illusionist - masterful enough to get his willingly blind herd to see and hear what is not even there.  Trump is even able to induce an entire stadium of brainwashed zombies to yell, "Toilets!" in unison. Scary stuff...I know.

Trump's vile rhetoric is no holds barred.  He calls captured war heroes 'dummies' and 'losers' and uses odious made-up putdowns to describe anyone and everyone who doesn't put him on a pedestal.  

Trump's rallies are filled with wickedly calculated religious undertones.  After an extended series of iniquitous putdowns and false claims, Trump throws in a token, "We're all created in the image of God!", followed by another barrage of horrendously offensive tweets and/or rally rhetoric.  

This sprinkling of "Godliness" in the midst of a hurricane of evil word vomit gives his cult members the opportunity to (erroneously) tell their intellectually superior adversaries, "SEE!  He is a Christian!".

Trump referred to himself as "The Chosen One" and numerous Trumpers (sorry...I hate that term, too) place that title on this evil man.

Trump has turned Christians into his minions of bullying, mocking, name calling, intolerance, division, dangerous conspiracy spreaders, and hate. That is the work of Satan. Period.

2 Timothy Chapter 3 has a lot to say about what it is going on with this cult.  

I pray people open their Bibles to open their eyes before the sand runs out of the hourglass.  Like a thief in the night, Jesus is coming.  And the cult is in for a rude awakening. 

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.  Donald Trump is your tour guide.

Welcome to the Cult of Trump.

No Christian Case For Trump

September 8, 2020 written by William Michaels

There is no Christian case for Trump. None.

When faith and God are treated as a tool, it is awful for politics and it is even worse for the Christian witness.

This President has made a mockery of our constitution, God, Christianity and Christians. Period. He has also disintegrated the people's faith in our democratic system and perverted the free press into a propaganda stage for his own agenda, quite like Hitler in the days of old.

If Lafayette Square wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back (a single disgusting piece of straw nestled on top of a summit of filthy, vile straw), it needed to be.

More eminently, I am abashed by this President's unholy union with the Christian Church. Many Christians have replaced the Son of God with the idolatry of a wannabe autocrat.

"Ye shall know them by their fruit. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bring forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bring forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good." --Matthew 7:15–20

Fruit of The Spirit as Described in Galatians 5:

Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Fruit of Donald Trump:​

Loathing, misery, intolerance, unkindness, wickedness (in the forms of bullying, mocking, name calling, degrading, gaslighting, cheating serial adultery, greed and a host of other vile behaviors), unfaithfulness, harshness, and lack of self control.

If any semblance of the Church and conservatism are to be restored, D.J.T. must lose in 2020.

It Can't Just Be About Abortion

September 9, 2020 written by Michael Andrews

The Devil himself could easily come to Earth in human form and cloak himself in the declaration that he is “anti-abortion.” He is the master of manipulation; doing something like that is peanuts in comparison to what he is capable of. Do you want to know the scariest thing about that hypothetical? A lot of Christians would proudly vote for him and proudly support him.

You need to ask yourself a very serious question…

Are you one of my brothers or sisters who would vote for Satan?

As Christians we are called to fight for justice, speak up for the voiceless, and preach the Word of God throughout all of the Earth. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we are called to elect an official who embodies the opposite of Christ in order to seek justice. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we are called to support a person who speaks up for the voiceless in one breath, but then silences the masses, belittles anyone who disagrees with him, lies, bullies, gaslights, and manipulates in the next breath. American Christians are treating sin and evil as if it were a tool to be used to get what they want.

There is a very real, contradicting truth in regards to this line of thinking by the average American Christian, though:

Actively supporting evil or turning a blind eye to evil is not a means to an end in the Bible. It is always because of evil and sin that our plans must be changed. We must never use evil to further our plans -- no matter how noble and biblically-correct those plans are.

People who actively support and use evil in this way are the same people who do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. They carry the same motivation that the Pharisees did back in Jesus’ time on Earth.

If we are to support or use evil in any way, that means that we condone evil. God does not condone evil and He does not tell us to condone or accept it either. He sent His one and only Son to die on the Cross as a sacrifice because He does not condone sin/evil. That is what He thinks of evil… Jesus had to die because of the evil in our world, but that is for a different letter.

Something that I have heard often as a rebuttal is the following quote:

“But God works everything (sin, evil, weapons formed against us, etc.) to His good!” (A paraphrase of Romans 8:28)

This is true, but is also a very dangerous misrepresentation of what that portion of scripture truly means. What the Apostle Paul means is that God is in control and can use what Satan meant for evil to further His Purpose here on Earth. That does not mean that we get to go out and use evil as a tool to get a morally, biblically just outcome. If we do that, then we are no better than non-believers who use anything necessary to further their agendas. In fact, we are worse because we are doing it in the name of Christ.

Back to my initial paragraph… I am going to do a blind comparison here for you and I think you will find it both intriguing and very helpful in your voting decision this November.

Character Traits/Moral Policies of Individual #1

• Proud

• Deceitful

• Power-Hungry

• Arrogant

• Greedy

• Angry

• Selfish

• Murderous

• Sexually Immoral

• Ties himself to knowledge/belief in God

• Anti-human rights

• Anti-love

Character Traits/Moral Policies of Individual #2

• Proud

• Manipulative

• Arrogant

• Power-Hungry

• Greedy

• Adulterous

• Anti-Abortion

• Filled with Lust

• Selfish

• Ties himself to belief in God

• Loud & Combative

• Impulsive

Character Traits/Moral Policies of Individual #3

• Empathetic

• Pro-Choice

• Pro-LGBTQ+

• Protective of Poor People

• Pro-Immigrant (illegal and legal)

• Poor with words

• Identifies as a Christian and Attends Church Regularly

Character Traits/Moral Policies of Individual #4

• Loving

• Full of Joy

• Peaceful

• Patient

• Kind

• Compassionate

• Empathetic

• Exhibits Self-Control

• Gentle

• Trustworthy/Faithful

As a Christian, who would you vote for? As a Christian, who should you vote for?

Two of these individuals are the presidential candidates for the 2020 election here in America. One is the Holy Spirit. The other is Satan.

Can you guess which one is Satan? Does it even matter which one is Satan if the first two individuals are so aligned in character?

The third individual does not have the greatest track record, nor does he line up with all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but at least his core character does not line up with Satan.

There will never be a politician whose character 100% lines up with the Fruit of the Spirit. There will be politicians whose character lines up with the Fruit of the Devil.

When it comes to voting as a Christian, abortion cannot be the make-or-break issue that you vote on.

If it is, you just might end up voting for someone with the character of Satan.