End The Trump Cult 

If even just 5% of evangelical Christians who voted for Trump in 2016 don’t vote for him this year, he can’t win.

We must invest time into reaching those voters.

Because a deal with Trump is a deal with the devil.

Was Jesus a Republican?

Was Jesus a Republican, Independent or Democrat?

The answer is a simple one: Jesus was none of the above.  He was not a political figure and would not have identified as anything other than Jesus, Son of God. Period.

It is up to us, the Christian citizens of the United States, to do our due diligence and to research so we can vote for the candidate that most lines up with the Christian Worldview.  Our Bible shows us that Joe Biden, by leaps and bounds, is that clear choice candidate in 2020 and it shows us even more clearly that Donald Trump is the candidate to avoid like the plague.

Matthew 25:44-45 (NIV)

“They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

Donald Trump is an exact opposite of everything I was taught to love about Jesus and everything I was taught about how to live out my Christian faith journey, yet millions of Christians refer to Trump as, "The Chosen One".  Trump, himself, said, "I am the Chosen One", as he pointed to the sky one day (just moments before and after he spewed his usual vile, non-Christian-like rhetoric). Click here for video of Trump saying, "I am the Chosen One."

Trump's utter disdain for decency, flippant disregard of right and wrong, and blatant neglect for the most vulnerable among us could not be further from fundamental Christianity.

Bluntly and clearly, Donald Trump is a bully, a mocker, a name-caller, a gaslighter, a liar, a deflector, a projector, and a morally bankrupt man.  Trump uses God as a manipulative tool and the Bible as a prop (if his Lafayette Square antics didn't convince you he is evil, I don't know what will).

500 hundred (give or take a few) faith leaders have endorsed Joe Biden for President.  They have shown the integrity Christ asks us to show when we are chastised by other Christians for standing for Christ. 

The advocacy group, 'Faith 2020', is a conglomerate of prominent figures from a number of different faiths including Christianity. In a statement, they said they are supporting Biden-Harris to “lead us in restoring our nation’s values."

Evangelical clergyman and president of The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute, Reverend Rob Schenck, is among the signatories. Schenck, a prominent pro-life advocate, has not endorsed a Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter in 1976.  For those who didn't excel in math courses, that would be 44 uninterrupted years of endorsements for Republican candidates.  

"For the 44 years that elapsed in between, I voted straight-line Republican, but I guess as I get older, the core values I was raised with become more important to me," Schenck wrote on his website, as he proclaimed his endorsement of Biden. "Those values are especially relevant in the time of Trump-directed Republicanism - and they are directing me away from the principles, platform, policies, and even the personality of Donald Trump."

Schenck stated that "evangelicals had long been champions of the down-and-outer, the stranger, and the marginalized," but, thanks to Trumpism, they have become "inextricably linked to Trump’s anti-immigrant, old-world white privileged, angry, fearful worldview and big government militarized-federal-police-domestic-interventionist conduct."

Schenck then took note of Trump's leadership (or lack thereof): "And then there is the pandemic. Whether Mr. Trump intends it or not, in the face of this crisis, he is read as callous, self-serving, and incapable when it comes to managing what is a massive threat to health, life and the economy."  Remember, we are talking about a President and a political party who said your grandparents should be willing to die for the economy.  

He then added: "As if all these things were not enough to disqualify Mr. Trump from a second term, it is the injury done to the people of God in this country that troubles me the most. You don’t need to be a New Yorker like me to know Mr. Trump is charlatan. He has never been religious, let alone a believer. He is obviously a secular materialist to his core. He cannot and will not personally testify to any measure of Christian faith." He continued to add that Trump has "played evangelicals" for his own gain.

Jesus advocated for the poor, the sick, the underdog.  Democrats advocate for the poor, the sick, the underdog.  

Trump and Republicans advocate for the rich, the healthy, the top dog.   

Jesus advocated for the displaced, the homeless, the immigrant.  Democrats advocate for the displaced, the homeless, the immigrant.  Trump and Republicans...nope.

Donald Trump has made a mockery of God, Christ, Christianity and Christians.  He gassed his own people in order to angrily hold an upside down and backward Bible in front of a church.  When asked if that was his Bible, Trump responded snarkily, "It's A Bible."

The unholy alliance many religious voters have struck with Trump is sickening and evil.....and cultish. The GOP has become the party of Trump - a cult with a hazy and obscure resemblance to its former Republican party.  Consider the number of Republican senators who have repeatedly abandoned their integrity and principles and how they actually voted against allowing witnesses to appear in the president’s impeachment trial. Cultishly blind loyalty to Trump has led both evangelicals and the GOP to abandon previously held values.

Joe Biden is not a perfect man.  Who is?  Joe Biden, however, is a better man than Trump - by a country mile.  He attends church regularly, is humble, shows empathy, does not mock or bully, and Joe is an advocate for the underdog, the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the lost...and the average American.  

Jesus touched the sick, talked with the prostitutes and reached to sinners.  He said love thy neighbor as you love thyself - including gays, immigrants, people of different color and background and socioeconomic status.

This is crunch time for our nation and for Christianity in America.  We are in time of extreme polarization - the likes of which we have never endured.  It is paramount that voters think beyond political party.

I am not asking Republicans to become Democrats — we are just asking for them to vote for one this year. Voters of faith should set aside their personal interests and partiality and instead reorganize their priorities for the common good for all.

Read Donald Trump's Twitter feed.  Listen to his daily rhetoric.  Listen to his rally rhetoric.  If, after doing those three things, you believe he is representing Christianity, please open your Bible and turn to the Gospel and read the Truth.

I would not dare stick my neck out and say, "Jesus would vote for x, y, or z."   I would, however, stick my neck out and say that, after doing extensive reading, research, and soul searching, Donald Trump and the current Republican Party (a far cry from it's pre-Trump party values) do not line up with the Christian Worldview.