End The Trump Cult 

If even just 5% of evangelical Christians who voted for Trump in 2016 don’t vote for him this year, he can’t win.

We must invest time into reaching those voters.

Because a deal with Trump is a deal with the devil.

What is the Cult of Trump?

Trump's rallies are his church and Trump is the gospel. His followers are his disciples and his message is hate, intolerance, and division.


It is a cult. 


Donald Trump has used gaslighting, along with the manipulation of God and The Bible, to fool and brainwash Christians in order to form his cult.

Trump's Christianity (an oxymoron of epic proportions) is even an oxymoronic religion from its roots. Trump's Christian membership is comprised of “non-conformists” who conform to Trumpism like sheep in a herd. He tells them what to think, how to feel, what to believe, and he tells them who their enemies really are.

The Trump cult loves Trump because he makes them feel like insiders even as they imagine him as their outsider champion -- another oxymoron in a trash heap of oxymorons. I know what you are all thinking at this very moment: 'Can he insert oxymoron just one more time in today's blog post?' I will try my hardest to refrain.

He relies on his cult members to grow the cult in the name of God, Patriotism and America. Those three entities (which we can call Trump's unholy trinity - a topic to tackle in a future blog post) have all taken on dangerously new connotations under the cult leader.

Trump, through the use of gaslighting, controls his loyal subjects. He constantly convinces his cult that they haven't seen what they've seen or heard what they've heard. He is a master illusionist - masterful enough to get his willingly blind herd to see and hear what is not even there. Trump is even able to induce an entire stadium of brainwashed zombies to yell, "Toilets!" in unison. Scary stuff...I know.

Trump's vile rhetoric is no holds barred. He calls captured war heroes 'dummies' and 'losers' and uses odious made-up putdowns to describe anyone and everyone who doesn't put him on a pedestal.

Trump's rallies are filled with wickedly calculated religious undertones. After an extended series of iniquitous putdowns and false claims, Trump throws in a token, "We're all created in the image of God!", followed by another barrage of horrendously offensive tweets and/or rally rhetoric.

This sprinkling of "Godliness" in the midst of a hurricane of evil word vomit gives his cult members the opportunity to (erroneously) tell their intellectually superior adversaries, "SEE! He is a Christian!".

Trump referred to himself as "The Chosen One" and numerous Trumpers (sorry...I hate that term, too) place that title on this evil man.

Trump has turned Christians into his minions of bullying, mocking, name calling, intolerance, division, dangerous conspiracy spreaders, and hate. That is the work of Satan. Period.

2 Timothy Chapter 3 has a lot to say about what it is going on with this cult.

I pray people open their Bibles to open their eyes before the sand runs out of the hourglass. Like a thief in the night, Jesus is coming. And the cult is in for a rude awakening.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Donald Trump is your tour guide.

Welcome to the Cult of Trump.